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Announces Preliminary Field Work and Services

HolstonConnect, a wholly-owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Holston Electric Cooperative, is excited to announce HEC members south of Highway 11W in Rogersville and Surgoinsville will soon begin seeing preliminary field work performed for HolstonConnect’s Phase I. Holston Electric Cooperative contractors, possessing legal right-of-way and easement throughout the service territory, will be throughout those areas in the coming weeks to assist in the engineering and design of HolstonConnect’s fiber footprint.

“Many members have already contacted us to express support for HolstonConnect,” stated General Manager Jimmy Sandlin. “In fact, most are interested in knowing when service will become available in their own neighborhood. As folks in the southern portions of Rogersville and Surgoinsville see crews out working, we ask for your patience and understanding. To build a fiber-based system, enable smart grid technology and facilitate two-way data flow takes a great deal of time. Our employees and directors are working diligently to ensure the process is advantageous for all members.”

Sandlin says concentric construction shall begin with the Holston Electric Cooperative office in Rogersville, with the initial phase encompassing South Surgoinsville. This method of construction will allow for greater efficiency and fiscal responsibility. “While the average time to build an entire service territory the size of Holston’s is typically three to five years, nationally, the need for rural broadband is gaining more attention daily. Providers, like HolstonConnect, will improve the quality of life for members by providing additional access to education, economic development and communication. Therefore, many state and federal agencies are considering additional grant opportunities which could help fund construction in more rural portions of our service territory when we reach them.”

HolstonConnect would like to announce high-speed internet services will initially be offered with up to 1 Gig upload and download speeds. Data caps and throttling will be things of the past, as members can expect to see consistent internet with the highest speeds available in state of Tennessee. Additionally, in the near future members will be offered unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling. A full product listing, including a channel lineup and digital video service pricing, will be announced by HolstonConnect when they become available through the website, social media and The Tennessee Magazine.

“HolstonConnect is powered by Holston Electric Cooperative, the same local service you already know and trust. As a Holston Electric Cooperative member, you deserve the fastest, most dependable fiber optic network available. Therefore, HolstonConnect will provide superior performance, affordable pricing and unrivaled customer support,” noted Sandlin. “Other providers have heard of the unwavering fiber-based products we will be offering. As HolstonConnect’s services will have less delay times than other products available in your market, the competition may encourage our members to lock themselves into new contracts. Be aware of this tactic, as this is your opportunity to help improve your neighborhood. Owned by the people served, HolstonConnect will connect our community to a great future, just like Holston Electric Cooperative brought rural residents into the future with electricity.”