ROW Chart



Right of Way Maintenance

Service and reliability are priority for Holston Electric and HolstonConnect. Therefore, tree and vegetation management must be consistently maintained and reviewed.

Please refer to the diagram above to aid in understanding customer and utility responsibilities for tree maintenance.


Safety & Tree Planting Tips

  • Trees should be planted a minimum of 10 feet of clearance surrounding overhead power distribution lines and up to 50 feet of clearance surrounding overhead power transmission lines.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain proper clearance from the main line to your home or pole. 
  • Look up before you plant! Carefully match tree species with the location and consider mature tree height. 
  • Properly planted trees can stop cold winds, provide cool shade, and reduce energy usage year round.

If you are uncertain about a tree on your property, please visit a local Holston Electric office or call 423-272-8821, option 8 to speak with customer service.