Vegetation Management

In the interest of providing our members with reliable electric service, Holston Electric Cooperative has partnered with PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. to conduct right-of-way maintenance along the power lines from July through September of 2018 in the areas of Church Hill and Morristown.

Maintaining a clear right-of-way around electrical lines helps prevent outages and minor disruptions in service by eliminating the possibility of vegetation or tree limbs coming in contact with our lines.  

Holston Electric Cooperative uses multiple tools to maintain the right-of-way, including mowing, tree trimming or removal, and the application of herbicide. The selective use of EPA approved herbicides by PLM Corp. will remove unwanted woody stems, brush and trees from any right-of-way not properly maintained.  The precision application enhances wildlife habitats by promoting grasses, wildflowers, low-growing shrubs and other ground cover that birds, deer and small animals prefer.

As PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. conducts herbicide application in the Holston Electric Cooperative service territory, PLM employees will visit member homes and leave door knockers to identify areas to be treated.  Their vehicles with company logo (as pictured below) will be easily visible.  Employees of PLM are required to be licensed in the application of herbicides and wear appropriate safety attire.  If you have concerns about an individual representing themselves as a PLM employee and he or she is unable to present credentials, please contact Holston Electric Cooperative at (423) 272-8821.   

Holston Electric Cooperative is sensitive to the balance required for clean, reliable right-of-way management with the preservation of natural habitats and the health of trees near power lines.  That’s why Holston Electric Cooperative line clearance methods follow those prescribed by the National Arbor Day Society.   We also would like to encourage our members to plant native wildflowers in early spring where herbicide was previously applied.

Members who are registered property owners may opt-out of Herbicide Application for Vegetation Management.  An opt-out form may be located here.

PLM Lake and Land Management