Tree Trade Alliance

Sometimes, trees need to be removed to keep power lines unobstructed.

Trees add beauty and color to your property. But, depending on where they are planted, they could pose a hazard to power lines. To avoid potential problems, Holston Electric Cooperative suggests the removal of trees located near primary power lines on your property.


Your Trees are Important.

Holston Electric Cooperative is committed to protecting and preserving trees. That’s why, through our Tree Trade Alliance program, homeowners can receive a new tree of their choice.

Share the Shade.

Sometimes homeowners prefer not to replace the tree removed from their property. Holston Electric Cooperative has set up a “tree bank” and members can choose to donate their tree to be planted during a community enhancement project at a local school, park, or beautification site.

Favored Foliage.

Selecting optimal trees is a benefit for all members of your electric cooperative.

  • “Right tree, Right place” plantings improve right-of-way management and save members money.

  • Properly pruned and maintained trees increase reliability of your electric service.

  • Better placement of trees can lower peak demands and reduce energy costs.

  • Trees help absorb carbon dioxide.

Targeted Trees selected exclusively by Holston Electric may be eligible to be replaced with a low-growing, ornamental tree.  The quantity and selection of tree replacements are limited.  All plant materials are true to name, accurately graded, and in a healthy growing condition.  Holston Electric Cooperative will not replace any trees provided through the "Tree Trade Alliance" due to death, failure to grow, or improper care.  Holston Electric Cooperative does not make any warranty with respect to trees damaged due to normal or abnormal weather conditions, animals, vandalism, theft, lack of or excess moisture, or ther factors beyond our control.