Life Support Classification

Holston Electric Cooperative maintains a special classification for our customer, who either themselves or a person living in the customer’s home, has a life threatening medical condition which requires special equipment, as specified by the American Medical Association, to provide treatment that, based on reasonable medical judgment, sustains the life of a patient and without which the patient will die.

This classification, termed LIFE SUPPORT CLASSIFICATION, is for the convenience of the member by placing them on a priority service list.  This list is used by cooperative personnel as a means of identifying those customers who require priority in restoring electricity in the event of emergency power interruptions.

Such classification does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted electric service or in any way increase the responsibility or liability of the Cooperative to the member or patient, but is only an attempt to establish a method to identify those who have a priority need in the event of an emergency.  Those under this special classification should, however, make plans for alternate sources of power or alternative lodging during a power outage.


  1. Submit a completed and signed Request for Life Support Classification form provided by the Cooperative.
  2. Submit a completed and signed Request for Equipment Information in the form provided by the Cooperative.
  3. Submit a completed and signed Physician’s Statement of need in the form provided by the Cooperative.

Qualifying life support Equipment

  • Kidney dialysis machine
  • Apnea monitor for infants (24 months and under)
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Respirator
  • Ventilator
  • Pressure breathing therapy
  • Infusion feeding pump
  • Peritoneal dialysis machine

*Note:  Only certain types/models qualify.  Nebulizers and adult apnea monitors do not qualify.

The Cooperative reserves the right to change the content of the forms in its sole discretion.

After all documents have been received, those who do not meet the American Medical Association’s definition of requiring artificial life support will be notified of ineligibility in writing at the address provided in the form.  All qualified accounts will be placed on the priority list.

The Life Support Classification shall last for one year or until the need for such classification ends, whichever occurs first.  It shall be the responsibility of the customer and patient to renew the request for such classification each year without notification from the Cooperative and to notify the Cooperative if the need for such classification ends.  Each renewal shall require the same documentation as the original request.

In the event the electric power bill is not paid in the manner provided by Cooperative policies, Holston Electric Cooperative reserves the right to terminate electric utility service.  Your classification for this service does not carry with it any special privileges not otherwise available to other members of the Cooperative and timely payment of utility bill will be a requirement for continued service.

Reasonable arrangements to pay late bills can be made in cases of severe hardship as determined by policy.  These arrangements must be in writing and signed by the customer and approved by the authorized representative of the Cooperative.  Any arrangement must be paid in addition to the current bill.

The Cooperative assumes no liability, express or implied, in the event of power interruption or termination of electric service for non-payment of a power bill, nor is the Cooperative liable for conditions beyond its control when attempting to restore electric service in emergency or planned interruptions.  By signing this agreement, the patient and/or the customer clear the Cooperative of any liability and specifically release, indemnify and hold harmless the Cooperative from any and all liability arising out of any interruption of electric service or the provisions of this policy.